Descubrir la Toscana

Viajar a Italia es siempre atractivo, porque tiene tanta riqueza cultural y paisajística que no defrauda nunca. Si hay una región que merece la pena conocer, es...

La lucha contra la pornografía falsa generada por AI ha comenzado

Twitter, Reddit and Pornhub have banned 'porn' created using artificial intelligence – but the problem will now likely move to another, far murkier corner of the internet. The sharing of face-swapped pornographic videos of celebrities on Reddit has been banned two months after people started creating them. Reddit's move to prohibit "involuntary porn" follows moves [...]

UDOT presenta tecnología para ayudar a los autobuses a llegar a tiempo

SALT LAKE CITY -- Talking vehicles is no longer the future, the future has arrived. The Utah Department of Transportation has developed a communication system between UTA buses and traffic signals that will help buses arrive on time. It’s called Dedicated Short Range Communications, and it uses a software system called Multi-Modal Intelligent Traffic Signal [...]

Cinco beneficios para la salud de ser soltero

Numerous health benefits have been linked with starting new relationships, living together, getting married, and having kids, but are there health gains for the almost half of the population who are single? We find out.The relationships and friendships you make or break in life have a significant impact on your health. Research has demonstrated that [...]